Thursday, August 27, 2009

News from Berlin: Poetry

I am currently in Berlin where I am on a scholarship with the Goethe-Institut brushing up my German. Unfortunately, it needs a great deal of brushing up. Here, I've managed to meet with people at the Literaturwerkstatt, which is situated in a complex on Schoenhauser Allee in former East Berlin called the Kulturbrauerei. That's the picture above.
The complex is a former brewery that is now home to all sorts of artistic endeavours, as well as a bicycle tour company.
Literaturwerkstatt aims to encourage the translation of poetry and seeks poets willing to have their work published in the original language on the site as well as translated into other languages. They encourage poets to co-operate in the process and actively seek more Australian poets able to offer their own poems as well as translate the poems of other into other languages.
Unfortunately, it is not a paying process at this point. However, a number of Australian poets are already involved.

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