Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Into the streets -- remembrance of times past

There are some strange memories evoked in the online exhibition related to the Into the Streets conference. There is a reprint of an article I wrote about the 1974 march for gay rights. The photo accompanying it is someone I don't recognise easily these days, but it's me all righty. In the photos in this web page, I am in the second picture scrolling down. I am the one holding the motor cycle helmet. My then partner is the long-haired, leather jacket wearing chappie to my right. Funny, I don't remember this event at all, despite my vivid account of it at the time. I guess 36 years will do that to you.

Tusk -- a story

M/C Journal has just published my work Tusk. Pigs and tusks have fascinated me for a long time.