Monday, February 23, 2009

Lucy Springer Gets Even, and some new readers

My partner is not a great book reader. He happily admits that most books bore him. But recently he read a whole book in a couple of days, even taking it on the bus with him to and from work.
The books was Lucy Springer gets even (ISBN 9781741755831 , Allen & Unwin) by Lisa Heidke.
What was its appeal? It was funny and fast paced. It was entertaining. It wasn't trying too hard to be anything but a light diversion. It doesn't have a deeper meaning or a sub-text or message. It's just written to be read for the pure pleasure of it. And ain't that a good thing.
It is true that Lisa Heidke is a friend of ours, from the time she worked as Marketing and Sales Manager for me when I ran Harcourt Brace in Australia, but this isn't the reason why Lucy met success. Other friends have not been so lucky with their books.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Legal Matters for Writers Seminar Fremantle

A typical day at the ASA brings questions about contracts. There are queries about terms, rights, digital contracts, and of course the legal jargon. A different publisher will present a different contact, and you need to clearly understand your obligations and entitlements. Be informed before you sign.

Prepare yourself for the legal challenges involved with getting published at this customised workshop which I am leading.

In addition to contracts, other topics covered in this half-day workshop include:

• Who owns copyright? Intellectual property rights
• Copyright protection and moral rights, copyright territories
• Copyright permissions
• Reaching other markets: licensing your rights
• Winning negotiations with your publisher
• Services to the creator – PLR, ELR and CAL
• Avoiding defamation: being clear and careful.

The ASA’s popular Legal Matters workshop has been held in various capital cities and regional venues. Here are some participants’ comments on the benefits of a Legal Matters workshop:

‘You can read things till you're blue in the face, but sometimes they don't strike home till you're part of a discussion about them. The interactive nature of it and the differing concerns of other authors was a big plus for me.’

‘More confidence to read and negotiate terms of contracts.’

‘Lots of good solid information!’

‘Adds to understanding of a very complex area.’

‘Interaction with a variety of writers … made it additionally interesting as different points came up.’

Date: 27 February 2009, 3-6 pm
Venue: Fremantle Children’s Literature Centre, Old Prison Hospital, Cnr Knutsford St & Hampden Rd, Fremantle WA
Cost: $44.00 ASA members, $176 non-members. Non-members pay the member's rate plus $132 – the cost of Affiliate membership. We encourage non-members to join and receive all the benefits of ASA membership.

Our thanks to the Fremantle Children’s Literature Centre for their support.
Download your registration form here. For further information phone 02 9318 0877 or email Kris Clarke.

Apropos Poetry Perth 25-27 February 2009

I shall be taking part in a number of panels at the Apropos Poetry program in Perth from 25-27 February 2009. The program has been organised by WritingWA who should be contacted if you are interested in attending.
The program features masterclasses, advice on how to get published, and other professional aspects of writing poetry.