Monday, June 20, 2011

The business of being a writer

The business of being a successful author–what you don’t see but need to know.

A one-day workshop with Jeremy Fisher on everything to do with getting published. These are things you need to know well in advance of even trying to get published! The workshop will look at the business side of writing. Some of the issues to be covered will include:

  • Understanding the market and opportunities for survival as a professional writer
  • Some suggested work methods to establish consistent writing practices
  • Record-keeping and basic business practices
  • Writing as a business - extending your options
  • Legal and ethical issues related to earning income as a writer (copyright, defamation, contracts, rights, use of third party material)
  • Practices in publishing houses and how to interpret and understand them
  • What are legitimate expenses involved in earning income from writing and how they can be claimed
  • Marketing yourself as a professional writer
  • Embracing the digital universe
  • Getting up when you get knocked down again: Surviving rejection
  • Persisting

DATE: Saturday 25 June, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.
COST: $55 members / $65 non-members

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Fiona McDonald said...

It was an excellent workshop. Highly recommended.