Friday, December 18, 2009

Anita's New Book Manhattan Dreaming

My friend and buddy the multi-talented Dr Anita Heiss took me out to lunch yesterday as a sort of personal farewell from my role as Executive Director at the Australian Society of Authors. I tried to pay my way, but Anita insisted, and so we enjoyed a very pleasant chit-chat and meal in the air-conditioned space of Cafe Otto in Glebe. It was a 43 degree Celsius day, so the air conditioning was very welcome, if environmentally unsound.
I couldn't help but remember that I was sitting just a few doors down from 67 Glebe Point Road, where Gay Liberation had its headquarters in 1973 when I turned up at the door and my life took the course it has. That was a major change, and my relocation to Armidale to teach writing at the University ofNew England in 2010 will be another one.
It's a relief to have friends like Anita to help keep everything in balance. Her new book, Manhattan Dreaming, is out from Random House next year. I'm looking forward to reading it. Anita has so much style and wit in her writing. You laugh even as she's (metaphorically) slapping you about the head.

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