Monday, February 23, 2009

Lucy Springer Gets Even, and some new readers

My partner is not a great book reader. He happily admits that most books bore him. But recently he read a whole book in a couple of days, even taking it on the bus with him to and from work.
The books was Lucy Springer gets even (ISBN 9781741755831 , Allen & Unwin) by Lisa Heidke.
What was its appeal? It was funny and fast paced. It was entertaining. It wasn't trying too hard to be anything but a light diversion. It doesn't have a deeper meaning or a sub-text or message. It's just written to be read for the pure pleasure of it. And ain't that a good thing.
It is true that Lisa Heidke is a friend of ours, from the time she worked as Marketing and Sales Manager for me when I ran Harcourt Brace in Australia, but this isn't the reason why Lucy met success. Other friends have not been so lucky with their books.

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